What does it mean to be self-employed?

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So…let’s play pretend….
Let’s pretend you have an interview with a company that you really like, and look forward to working for. They know you, your experience, and how great you are.

However, there are some downsides… there are zero benefits, no raises, you will only get paid once, and you only get one shot to negotiate how much you will be paid for your work.
So you go to the interview, and it all goes well….or so you think.

Then you get the call….


“Hi! The interview went great! As a company, we can’t wait to hire you. Your experience, and skills are exactly what we are looking for!
However, we would like to talk about your payment. We really do love you, and are excited about moving forward, but we also interviewed a couple of other people. There is someone else that we have talked to that is cheaper.

Now, we understand that this other person (that is cheaper) doesn’t have your skills, or your experience. They most likely won’t do the job as well as you will, and can’t answer our questions like you can. As a company we understand that this other person also probably won’t provide the same services, or level of competence that you do. As a company, we also understand that we will probably end up paying more for services that you include, or hiring another person to do things that you include in your payment, but they say that they’re cheaper and will do what you do for less. So, will you go down on your price?”
So… what do you think? As the employer? As the person who is interviewing?
Welcome to being self-employed…..

You are the company. The self employed person is the interviewee. As the company, you are hiring a person to provide a service for you. You are hiring their skills & experience to help you with something you want done, or need help with. Everyone wants the best work for the least amount out of their pocket… it’s human nature. The catch is to make sure that this doesn’t end up costing you more in the end. There is always going to be someone willing to do it for cheaper, but at what cost to you?

So, where does this come from? I received an email from someone who went with someone cheaper. These folks have questions about what’s going on with the sale of their home, and about what their “cheaper” person is doing… and not doing. Sadly, I can not help them. They have a contract with this other person. I can not, legally, intervene in that relationship as it is against the Realtor Code of Ethics. I feel bad for these folks as they’re good people, who are now second guessing their hire. 🤷‍♀️
This is for all self employed people…. not just real estate 🙂… contractors too.

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