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Due to popular demand, we are happy to announce a Free Home SELLING Classes

Our Home Sellers classes are always free, and non-promotional. We aren’t there to ‘sell’ you anything but to help you with your questions. The classes will be taught by: Tracie DeMars an agent that has been a licensed realtor since 2005 who will explain the papers involved with listing your home, the sellers disclosures, the rules involved in selling your home, what a CMA (comparable market analysis) is, and how it relates to finding your optimal sale price, and more. As much as you love your home, sometimes it just doesn’t ‘fit’ anymore….maybe it’s too small now? Or maybe your home is too big now? Have you thought about selling your home, but want to ask questions, learn about the process, go over the paperwork, find out questions to ask, learn about disclosures, and find out how you sell your home and buy a new home at the same time? What about the psychology of selling? The marketing? What do you need to do to sell a home?