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Happy Sunday!!

Ok…is anyone else waiting for the rain?  No, wait, really!  I am missing some rain, and please stop shaking your head at me!  LOL  My husband is loving this weather, and so is my oldest daughter, but I miss the pretty leaves that is usually associated with fall, I am disliking the low humidity (dries my skin out), and all these fires worry me.  It doesn’t feel like fall…well, except for the cool nights which has been very nice!  We are starting to decorate for Halloween at my home, and my toddler is running around singing, ‘this is halloween, this is halloween’….  cracks us up!  She loves the ‘spooky stores’, but insists on daddy holding her as we go through them.  I think twice was enough to take her to Spirit…..even if she keeps wanting to go back.  Honestly, I am already looking forward to christmas!!  Do you think it is too early to put out our “xx days to christmas” countdown light???  LOL

Don’t forget if you are out and about today, we will be at the Oregon Convention Center for the Bridal show today.  We will also be at the one in January as well.  🙂

So…market trends…

I have been talking most of this year about how the market has picked up.  Homes are not staying on the market as long, are selling for listing price, and often have been having multiple offers which means that home sells for more than listing price.  It has been a crazy year….last fall/winter there were many homes on the market and at scary good prices…and people were just looking.  In January of this year we had about 70% of our active market go pending in two weeks, and it has been busy ever since.  Now…home prices have gone up, but interest rates have gone down so we are still in excellent times for buying a home…..the downside is that the market is very tight.  Per the RMLS (regional multiple listing service) that the Clark County real estate agents use these are the stats for the last three months:

I put in a search criteria of under $200,000, and not counting short sales, or bank owned homes…for the past three months we have had 316 homes listed, and 305 sold!  The average/median sold price has been about $172,000, and we have 1.3 months of inventory on the market.  What this means is that if no more homes were listed and we keep on the current pace we would run out of homes in about a month!!  91 active units on the market that are not short sales, or bank owned homes under $200,000 in Vancouver.

Bank owned homes for the last three months have had 40 listed and 60 sold…which means that there were 21 homes that sold that were listed either the month or two before.  Average sold price for bank owned homes under $200,000 is about $157,500.  Total active units are 6 still out there under $200,000 for bank owned homes.

Remember that bank owned homes don’t come on the market as much in the last quarter of the year.  All of these homes are bank write-offs…the banks really aren’t losing as much money on them as you would think since in the long run since they can use them to lower their taxes at the end of the year…don’t get me wrong…they are losing money, but for the banks these are tax write offs.  At the beginning of the year the amount of bank owned/REO homes on the market pick up again.  Again, PLEASE remember that there is no special lists of bank owned homes….the only list you might get is the list of homes coming up for auction.  Auctions are great, but they are cash only….and they don’t accept financing or pre-approval letters.  When a bank owned home becomes available to sell it does go on the rmls….no special lists…

Scary thing….331 active short sale units under $200,000…. crazy…

So…average price for 2 bedroom homes is $115,000, average price for 3+ bedroom homes is $175,000, and average price for 4+ bedroom homes is $270,000.  I can’t get it down to exactly how many days but per the rmls 179 residential unit sold with being on the market less than 30 days…honestly I would say that good, clean homes in good neighborhoods, with good prices go pending within 7-10 days of listing.

The most popular floorplan is (still) the 3 bedroom/2 bath home and the range for those are $165,000-$180,000….the average cost seems to be about $170,000-$175,000.  Four bedroom homes seem to be averaging between $195,000-$200,000.  These, of course, are for non-short sale homes

As for loans…FHA is still king.  The average buyer will use a FHA home…no numbers for how many use the bond down payment assistance loan though.

So…yes, the market has been crazy and homes are moving….prices have been going up, but again, interest rates are lower than where they were last year so it really does balance out.  Last I heard some of my clients are locking in at 3.25%!!!  To me, that is insanely awesome!!  When I bought my home our loan was for 6.875%…and we were thrilled because the interest rate had been hovering around 7%….we did the ‘happy dance’!  LOL…sounds weird, huh?

I can break down stats, and trends even more if anyone would like…just let me know.  On average the best time to buy a home, for the best possible price, is usually the fall/winter months of November, December, January, and February.  October and March are considered ‘swing’ months because they can go either way…and this October seems to be swinging with the summer.  Of course, with the weather, who is surprised?  The market usually cools with the weather….so if you are hoping for the best deal possible, hang in there….  I know I have said it before, but I am going to say it again….there is no crystal ball so I can’t tell you what will, or won’t happen.  I can only tell you what has usually happened in the past…so don’t hold me to it!  🙂

On the bright side, the Washington State Bond changed their program a bit.  We had heard some confusing and conflicting information when it first came out, but it seems all the kinks have been worked out now.  If you don’t have a down payment and need some help this is a great loan…. it is a 100% loan program and you can buy anywhere in Clark County.  If you had heard that Battle Ground might be removed from the USDA/RD loan boundaries, then you will be happy to know that they have decided to postpone that decision for now.  Battle Ground is still available for the USDA/RD 100% loan program.

hmmm….it is late Saturday night and I can’t think of any other information to give to you tonight, so I think I will head to bead…  Please…as always….if you have any questions, or if there is anything I can help you with, please let me know!  I am always available by phone, email, text, or even facebook!!

Have a great week!!!  Enjoy the sunshine….the rain will be coming…  😀

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